How My Doula Process Works
  1. We schedule a free consultation to see if we are a good match. During this session, I will share with you exactly what you can expect from my unique process.
  2. Dive into my comprehensive Three-Step Process that will prepare you—mind, body, and soul—for birth.
  3. Plan practicalities, technology, and other boring stuff.
  4. When you start noticing signs of labor, notify me, and we will work through it together.
  5. **Your big day!**
  6. After you have a few weeks to settle into your new life, we will schedule a wellness check-in.

This package includes:

Continuous support by Zoom or Google Meet throughout your birth.

Unlimited texts and emails during business hours to answer your questions.

Exclusive year-long membership to the Wild & Wonderful virtual community.


Brittany Touris

With years of experience supporting people in and out of the medical system, I have designed a creative, choice-centered virtual process for childbirth preparation.

In-depth support from anywhere in the world.

Schedule a Doula Consultation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a doula be virtual?

With my virtual services, I will not be physically present at your birth. Instead, I will be available whenever you need information, encouragement, tips, tools, reminders, advocacy, or more. This will be via Zoom or Google Meet. I can stay on the call with you as long or short, as frequently or infrequently, as you'd like.

What do we talk about during our free consultation?

During our initial consultation, we will meet and get to know each other. It's important that we both feel we are a good fit. I believe there is a doula out there for everyone--I might not be yours! The consultation will help us figure that out.

What if I can't afford your services?

The price of my virtual doula package is $1,000. This is broken down into two payments of $500. The terms of these payments are more thoroughly outlined in our doula contract/agreements.

For those looking for a more affordable option that is less of a commitment, see my Exploration Call offering.

I believe that doula support is an invaluable investment that has innumerable benefits for you. With that being said, I do not restrict my services to people who can afford the full cost.

I offer my services on a sliding scale at my clients' discretion. That means that I trust you to determine where you are on the sliding scale. If you need help figuring this out, please refer to a more detailed description of my sliding scale here. We can also discuss this during our consultation.